The International Travel & Health Insurance Conferences (ITIC) is a series of events that brings together experts from all sectors of the travel insurance, health insurance, and medical assistance world. Whether it’s wanting to get the bigger picture, or focus on a key market the 5 annually hosted events spread over 5 continents, creates a community where insurance industry leaders build their network and shape the future together.
ITIC Global (Athens) is the biggest conference organised by ITIC, and the largest gathering of travel and health insurance industry professionals and providers to take place annually. Over the course of one week, it welcomes in excess of 900 delegates from every region of the world, and from every sector of the industry. It’s the one event in the world that brings together the full range of travel and health insurance chief executives and other key decision-makers, linking them with their service providers in a fantastic learning environment.
The entirety of the global event series branding, visual identity, and event collateral was designed in-house by the team. A cohesive design system was needed that can be applied to all events during the busy conference season using a mixture of location images, patterns, and bold typography.