A series of double sided zines and inter-connecting posters that explores some of the youth subcultures in the UK during the '80s & '90s.
The zines delve into the fashion styles that dominated these subcultures, looking at where influence as taken from, the cultural connotations that some the styles represented as well as what type of people were adopting these styles and why. 

The series of 3 looks specifically at the mod & skinhead revivalists, casuals and jungle and garage heads. Each of these were pioneers of their time respectively, and all still continue to influence fashion culture and trends in todays society. The backside of each of these zines all fit together creating a timeline and overview of other subcultures which existed in-between and around the same time as the other 3. 

Each zine is digitally printed with GF Smith colour plan 120gsm and cased within a handmade screen-printed pocket.